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*Please be aware that some tasks are time-sensitive and that it isn’t possible for you to save your application and come back to it. 

Ensure that you have enough time and everything you need before you begin – a pen, paper, calculator and a camera (that can record video). If you don’t have a video-camera you can just use your cellphone. But we do not recommend using your cellphone to complete the rest of this application as it may not be compatible with the format of some of the questions.

So you’re up for the challenge? Let’s see about that. Round 1 is about problem solving, which is a big part of innovation – and that’s what we want. So show us you’re not just a pretty face by answering the following question:

1) A cricket bat and a ball cost R110 in total. The bat costs R100 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? *

Enter your answer in number format, eg 70
Congrats, that was the right answer. But we won’t get too excited, we knew you were smart

You are now one round closer to your internship at a JSE-listed company.
Let’s move on.
Your reward for passing Round 1 is a little bit more information about our company. We are one of the biggest organisations in South Africa — take a guess — and we need minds like yours to keep us at the top of our game. Working with us presents a diverse set of challenges for you to apply your mind to in our fully-paid, 12-month internship.

Our goal is to mentor you, develop your business and leadership skills, and fast-track you to greatness through our innovative programme. Fetching coffee and making photocopies does not align with those goals. But solving big business problems does, and that is exactly what you will be doing.

We aren’t too fussed about degrees and previous work experience. What we really want is a brilliant brain that’s ready to learn. So if you are between 18 and 25 and are able to spend 12 months in Gauteng for the duration of this internship (beginning 1 February 2017), then this is your chance to prove that yours is the mind we’re after. It’s time for Round 2.

This is the part of the interview where we say “Tell us about yourself.”

Name *

Surname *

Do you have Grade 12? *

Are you a South African citizen between 18 and 25? *

Are you available to work in Gauteng for 12 months starting 1 February 2017? *

Date of Birth *

Favourite quote *

Ready for Round 3? *

Terms and Conditions for the Selection processes for the Internship Programme (“the Selection processes”)

1. To be eligible to participate in the selection processes for the recruitment of  candidates  to our Internship Programme, you (‘the Participant’) agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out hereunder.

2. The Participant acknowledges and confirms that he/ she has read and understood these terms and conditions and that he/ she is not precluded from participating in Selection processes for any reason whatsoever.

3. To be eligible to participate in the Selection processes, the Participant must:
be a South African Citizen;
provide  all correct and full personal and contact details, as required;
- be 18 -25 years old  as at 1 January 2017;
- be prepared to enter into a fixed term internship contract with the Company for a period of 12 (twelve months) in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector which is  based in Centurion, Gauteng;
- be in possession of a valid matric certificate;

4. The Participant understands that all travel before, during, and after the Selection processes are at the Participant’s own risk and expense.

5. The Participant further understands that by participating in the Selection processes he or she is not guaranteed any employment of whatsoever nature by the Company. The Selection processes will identify suitable candidates for the purpose of participating in an Internship Programme which will provide training and work experience in order to enter a job market.

6. All successful Participants must be available for promotional and marketing activities during the Internship Programme.

7. The Participant consents to the Company or its agents publishing any personal information which he /she may have disclosed during such Selection processes only for promotional and marketing purposes relating to the Internship Programme.

8. The Participant understands, acknowledges and consents to the Company undertaking integrity investigations, which may include obtaining of criminal records, educational, financial, credit and employment history, and any other type of background or psychological checks deemed necessary. The Company reserves the right to automatically disqualify any Participant who is found to be dishonest or has misrepresented any information provided prior, during and after the Selection processes.

9. All Participants should ensure that their application for participation in the Selection processes is correctly completed and received timeously by the Company and no correspondence will be entered into with regard to any late or incomplete applications after the cut-off date.

10. If required, the Participant will be required to undertake psychometric tests at a suitable venue and time determined by the Company.

11. Employment Equity considerations may apply in the selection criteria of successful candidates for the Internship Programme.

12. The Participant indemnifies and holds the Company harmless for any losses, injuries or damages of whatsoever nature which he or she or any third party might suffer or incur, arising from his or her participation in the Selection processes.
Welcome to the next round, {{answer_34845374}}!

If you join us, you will be working with the hot shots, the decision-makers, the people with the big ideas – the people responsible for making us one of the biggest companies in SA.

Curious about who we are yet?

Try answering the following questions and prove that you’re our next big thing.

It wouldn’t be Round 3 if it wasn’t a little harder.

Answer the following 18 questions in 25 minutes or less. Be quick, because your time will be taken into consideration. Get a pen, paper and calculator ready. You’re going to need it.

Whenever you’re ready…

1. What is the minimum number of colours required to fill the spaces in the following diagram without the adjacent sides having the same colour? *

2. A man’s investment doubles in every 5 years. If he invested R5,000 in each of the years 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005, then what was the total amount received by him in 2010? *

3. Find the missing number in the following series:
89    75    63    53    45    ?

4. If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is coded as 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, what will be the code for SEARCH? *

5. Every time a man hits the target he gets R1 and every time he misses the target he has to payback the R1. He is allowed to try 100 times and gets an amount of R30. How many times did he hit the target? *

6. One of this year’s team building activities was a fun run. If Kevin was neither first nor last. Anele beat Kevin, Kevin beat Mandu. Charles was neither first nor last. Charles beat Ray. Mandu beat Charles. Who came in last? *

7. Which diagram comes next in the following sequence? *

8. In which year was the average number of daily visitors the highest? (Please refer to Daily Average number of Visitors graph) *

9. In a jar of lollies there are 6 more orange lollies than green ones and there is only one red lolly. If there are 47 lollies in the jar, how many orange ones are there?

10. How many cubes are there in the figure below? *

11. Wave is to crest : as ____?_____ is to peak *

12. A & B are two towns. A person covers the distance from A to B on a bicycle at 17 km/h and returns to A by a boat running at a uniform speed of 8 km/h. His average speed for the whole journey is: *

13. In the following question, an alphabet series is given with terms missing as shown by (?). Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives.
BMO, EOQ, HQS, ? *

14. Which of the following figures comes next in the sequence? *

15. Find the missing numbers and letters in the following series:
C    81    E    64    ?    49    I    ?    K *

16. A motorbike race was scheduled to start at 4:10pm; however, it started 10 minutes behind schedule. If the motorbike that came first finished one hour and fifteen minutes after the race began, and the motorbike that came in second place finished 15 minutes after this, at what time did the motorbike that came second cross the finish line? *

17. All Engineering students take Mathematics. All Mathematic students ride bicycles. Which of the following statements must be true? *

18. In a class of 78 students, 41 are taking Marketing, 22 are taking Business Economics. Of the students taking Marketing or Business Economics, 9 are taking both subjects. How many students are not enrolled in either subject? *

You officially have our attention! What we need from you now is a few more bits of personal info. Please note that the information requested below is standard recruitment procedure and will be treated with the strictest sensitivity.

Contact Number *

What is your ID number? *

We know we've just met you, but we're serious about taking this relationship forward. To do that we'll need to follow the standard recruitment process and that requires your ID.
Tell us about your highest level of education? What is the highest level of education you will have acheived by the start of the internship — 1 February 2017? (Please give us details.)

Whether you have a list of degrees or don’t have any as yet, we don’t mind, you can just tell us what you’ve done. You can include your major subjects too if you like.
Have you had any work experience? Please be detailed.

What type of work did you do, what was the duration of your work experience, etc.
Do you have a driver's license?

What is your race? *

What is your gender? *

Do you have any disabilities? *

If you answer yes, please tell us about your disability.
You are almost there {{answer_34845374}}

This is the last challenge we’ll put in front of you. Read through the question below and video-record a quick, one-minute answer. If it is not possible to complete your video submission right now then don’t stress, we’ll send you a mail requesting your video link.

If you're keen to continue, record your video, publish it on YouTube and paste the link here. We’re not judging you on the production quality of your video. We’re looking at your answer, your confidence and how you pitch your great idea to us. The only rule is you have to stick to one minute. For the rest: be creative, be innovative – show us what you’re made of! You could just Google it, but that isn’t going to help you when you’re in a real-life boardroom. So think carefully about your answer and hit record.

We live in a day and age with an ever-increasing number of devices that are connected to the internet. If you could design an internet-connected device specifically for under 25s, explain what five unique features your device would have. *

Well done, you did it! Now we have to take some time to go through your application carefully, and if your thinking is as quick and clever as we expected it to be, we’ll be in touch very soon. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

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